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Cabot Cruising Club is affiliated with the RYA and runs in accordance with RYA club guidance and recommended rules. There is a formal committee and active sub committees, all key to a vibrant and thriving club.


Appointed Positions

President: Bernie Rowe – Company Management

Vice President: Martin Peters 


Flag Officers

Commodore: Paul Morris –

Vice Commodore: Mike Pope –

Rear Commodore: Jason Pullinger


Committee Members

Hon. Secretary: Stephen Lamb –

Hon. Treasurer: John Bartlett –

Membership: Liz Davis –

Venue Hire: Briony Pope –

Bar Chair:

Moorings: John Stokes –

Boatswain: Jason Pullinger

Social Secretary: Mike Pope –

Boating Events: Mike Pope

Health, Safety and First Aid: John

Newsletter & Advertising: Pete Halliday –

Regalia: Lynda Halliday –

Promotional Materials: Don Norris

Lightship Theatre Events: Briony Pope



The CCC Committee meets monthly with the meeting minutes posted on the membership notice board the following month once agreed. Please feel free to contact the appropriate committee representative in writing or email to raise any matters you wish.


Postal Address: Cabot Cruising Club, John Sebastian, John Sebastian Quay, Bathurst Basin, BS1 6SG

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